We are hitting an issue using projections from entity framework to DTOs in an OData project. The exception is: Cannot compare 'member 'xxx' of type 'yyy''. Only primitive types, enumeration types...

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Unique Index for NOT NULL values

Hello, If the Index attribute is used with IsUnique=true, NULL values are considered and unique. It should be specified "IgnoreNullValue" in attribute to create UNIQUE INDEX WHERE IS NOT NULL o...

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EF6.1.2 tools failed model update from MSSQL2008

Failed update model from SQLServer 2008 with EF6.1.2 tools Beta 2 for VS14, while it's OK for beta1. Unable to generate the model because of the following exception: 'System.Data.Entity.Core.Enti...

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[Index]/[Unique] data annotation should be a class/table attribute

Currently, for a multi-column index, one has to repeat the index name for each IndexAttribute data annotation over and over again. This requirement is rather error prone (in regard to typos) and it...

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[Required] / [MinLength] data annotations insufficient

To my knowledge, the RequiredAttribute data annotation for string types only results in the corresponding database table column being created as NOT NULL. I believe this is not sufficient. Moreov...

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Investigate impact of DBCC TRACEON

According to this article, there might be a potential permissions issue when a low-privileges account executes a query that uses a QUERYTRACEON option. For example: SELECT * FROM [AdventureWorks20...

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Custom Convention ignore replacement of the DbUpdateCommandTree

I'm writing custom convention which replace the DbUpdateCommandTree it's change both the set clauses and the returning. unfortunately the ExecuteAsync (DynamicUpdateCommand) ignore the new DbUp...

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Linq.Any() throw NullReferenceException

I couldn't understand what was happening when I use Linq.Any() method to check if EF object contains a specific value, the code throws a NullReferenceException on variable with data prior it's use....

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UpForGrabs: Add the SQL Format function to Entity Framework

Add the SQL 2012+ FORMAT function to System.Data.Entity.SqlServer.SqlFunctions

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Not optimal query using GroupBy and Average

On Entity Framework 6.1.1, given this expression: db.GEN_PARTEOEEPERDIDAS .Where(p => (!p.MK_BAJA.HasValue || (p.MK_BAJA.HasValue && p.MK_BAJA.Value != 1)) && p.GEN_PARTEOEE.MK_VALIDADO.HasValue &&...

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