Canonicalize comparisons of boolean expressions

At the moment comparisons involving boolean expressions (such as myBoolCol == false) result in a few different SQL patterns depending on what exact way the comparison is written in LINQ. While sema...

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Entity Framework(6.1.2) Table Per Hierarchy(TPH) Guid foreign key discriminator error

I have a Table per Hierarchy but when i made a Guid foreign key as the discriminator column, the migration failed with error:-Condition can not be specified on values of member ''. Value conditions...

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EF 6.1.2 generate incorrect sql

I was using EF 6.1.1 in my projects with mysql connector .net 6.9.5. After updating to EF 6.1.2 some queries generate exceptions of type System.Data.Entity.Core.EntityCommandExecutionException. ...

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Dataannotation Range does not create the equivalent check in the database

In my Entity "Request.cs" I have the following property: /// <summary> /// Gets or sets the number of ..... /// </summary> [Range(1, 30), DataMember] public long NumberOfRepetitions I have except...

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Redundant joins on Include and Where on related entity.

When using Entity Framework 6.1.2 given that ProductDetail has a Primary Foreign Key to the Product Table in a 1<->0..1 relationship the following LINQ produces an extra join that should be unneces...

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Update References to Visual Studio 14 to Visual Studio 2015

There are some references to Visual Studio 14 in the EFTools code. Change all of these to Visual Studio 2015.

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Code First: Allow subclasses to map field to same database column with TPH inheritance

I have the same problem found in this issue here. I'm using <package id="EntityFramework" version="6.1.2" targetFramework="net45" />, testing it in Console Application and I guess the bug still lin...

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UpForGrabs: Cascade delete isn't generated when dependent entity mapped to the table of another entity

public class A1 { public virtual int Id { get; set; } public virtual A2 A2 { get; set; } } public class A2 { public virtual int Id { get; set; } public virtual ICollection<B> Bs { get; set; } } ...

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Ef MIgrations Issue with TPH

Hi, I'm working in a project that are using migration and we have to create an TPH mapping that is not working. As we can see bellow: public abstract class LoanStatus : ValueObject { public stri...

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Performance issue when querying varbinary(MAX) with Async

There's a huge performance issue when querying a table containing varbinary(MAX) columns with .ToListAsync(). The problem is EF, despite the presence of varbinary(max) column, uses CommandBehavior....

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