Make EF load data from database, not cache

I have asked this question here, but got no response. So, here's the problem. I have lots of tables and lots of columns in them. The program is used by many users, so that each of them must see th...

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Linq.Any() throw NullReferenceException

I couldn't understand what was happening when I use Linq.Any() method to check if EF object contains a specific value, the code throws a NullReferenceException on variable with data prior it's use....

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Add the SQL Format function to Entity Framework

Add the SQL 2012+ FORMAT function to System.Data.Entity.SqlServer.SqlFunctions

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Not optimal query using GroupBy and Average

On Entity Framework 6.1.1, given this expression: db.GEN_PARTEOEEPERDIDAS .Where(p => (!p.MK_BAJA.HasValue || (p.MK_BAJA.HasValue && p.MK_BAJA.Value != 1)) && p.GEN_PARTEOEE.MK_VALIDADO.HasValue &&...

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Add support for SQL STUFF function inside CSDL

The SQL STUFF function works fine in LINQ to Entity but will not work inside CSDL. For example the following inside CSDL will not work. I get "STUFF cannot be resolved into a valid type of functi...

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DateTimeOffset comparison generates an Internal Compiler Error

I had the following Linq query (where ‘PublishedOn’ is a System.DateTimeOffset for a datetimeoffset(7) SQL Server type): var alerts = from a in db.vDocument where a.Published == false && a.Publ...

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Security hole in EF during migrations?

I have a experienced some very strange problem with entity framework, which I have finally been able to reproduce in a small testsetup. I have a subclass of DBContext called DataLyaetDataContext ...

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It is not possible to load an entity with a complex inheritance structure using the TPT Inheritance feature

I would like to report a scenario where it is not possible to load an entity with a complex inheritance structure. I took the example from: You c...

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EF generates unnecessary SQL

I have a DbSet<File> Files. Folder definitely does not inherit from File. Why is SQL predicates generated for Folder? I have this pretty simple LINQ query that has been generated from a helper func...

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UpForGrabs: Support projections to strongly typed collections in LINQ to Entities VB.NET

This is a followup issue with work item It seems that the fix does indeed work with C# code but will not work with VB.NET code. I have posted a e...

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