If an entity MyEntity has a property called MyProp, I cannot create an entity called MyEntity_MyProp


Copied from github: https://github.com/aspnet/EntityFramework/issues/1979

I'm using Entity Framework 6, with POCO and fluent-API and I've noticed an annoying bug.

If I have an entity called MyEntity and this entity has a property called MyProp, that makes it impossible to create an entity called MyEntity_MyProp.
The item with identity 'MyEntity_MyProp' already exists in the metadata collection.\r\nParameter name: item
The error immediately goes away if I rename any of the entities, or rename the properties.

The "bug" is obvious: the key [EntityName]_[PropertyName] must be unique in the metadata collection.

Screenshot: (attached)

I'm migrating a huge Entity Framework model with 390+ classes from EF 4, database first, to EF 6, code first, with fluent-API. It's out of question to rename the entities or the tables.

How do I solve that?

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For reference, I created the issue here: