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EFDesigner converter extensions can not work (Remove or obsolete)


In triage we decided that we should either remove or obsolete these extensions

The designer is supposed to allow to write an extension to serialize and deserialize edmx model to/from custom formats. To do that you write an extension that implements IModelConversionExtension interface.
When loading a file, if the file extension is not "edmx" we will call OnAfterFileLoaded method on the extension. However there is no way to pass the extended document out. The extension toolkit we shipped has the following guidance on implementing OnAfterFileLoaded method:
    public void OnAfterFileLoaded(ModelConversionExtensionContext context)
        // context.OriginalDocument = Contents of the custom file as a string.
        //                            This is for reference only and cannot be modified.
        // context.CurrentDocument = Contents of the converted file as an XDocument.
        //                           This should be a valid .edmx document.
The problem is that the ModelConversionExtensionContext.CurrentDocument does not have a setter. We do use .CurrentDocument later to populate the transformation context. This leads to another issue. Currently we don't seem to allow doing the conversion without having to do a transformation later.
Finally there seems to be a bug in the code that even if we allowed setting the CurrentDocument and we had a transform the transform would not be invoked anyways. I have not looked at OnBeforeFileSaved method - it can have some issues too.

Issues to fix:
1) Add the setter to the ModelConversionExtensionContext.CurrentDocument
2) Investigate if it is really required to do the transformation after conversion - seems like it can be decoupled.
3) Make sure that it is possible to chain converter and transformer
4) Make sure that OnBeforeFileSaved is usable
  • For OnBeforeFileSaved if a serializer is present we would return context.CurrentDocument, if a converter is present we would return the context.OriginalDocument - investigate if this is correct (especially that we are saving to a custom format that does not have to be Xml/Edmx)
When fixing this bug address TODOs that are inside the method that invokes extensions.

__ When fixing this uncomment (and possibly fix if necessary) tests that are commented out due to this issue__
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RoMiller wrote Dec 12, 2013 at 9:41 PM

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