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Type DbEntityValidationException.EntityValidationErrors as List<T> (or custom collection type)


DbEntityValidationException.EntityValidationErrors is defined as a IEnumerable<DbEntityValidationResult>.

This makes it unnecessarily hard to work. For example, the exception dialog that appears when the exception is thrown is not capable of looking at the contents of a IEnumerable.

In code it is annoying as well. It really returns a List<DbEntityValidationResult>. But you cannot guarantee that's what you are getting back, so instead you have to call ToList() on it and make an unnecessary copy.

DbEntityValidationException.EntityValidationErrors should instead return a DbEntityValidationResultCollection.

Since this is only making the return type more constrained, this is a non-breaking change.
Closed Oct 1, 2013 at 7:32 PM by RoMiller
EF Team Triage: As we start to plan the releases that follow EF6 we are doing a large triage effort on our backlog of bugs, features and tasks. Our aim is to have our backlog be a realistic representation of what we (or our contributors) may add to EF in the future.
This reduces the number of issues we need to sift thru as we plan each release. For example, coming into the planning for the set of releases after EF6 we had 600+ items on the backlog. A large number of these items are very low priority and will realistically never be addressed.
As a result of this we are closing a number of items as “Won’t Fix”. These items fall into one of the following buckets:
  • Items that are either low priority or expensive to implement and we don’t believe provide enough benefit to outweigh the cost of implementing (given that time spent implementing them would detract from implementing other features).
  • Items created by a member of the EF Team that we have not seen customers asking for and we don’t believe would provide significant benefit to customers.
  • Bugs that only manifest in corner cases and have workarounds.
    These decisions are not final, if you disagree with this resolution for an item feel free to let us know.


RoMiller wrote Apr 5, 2013 at 7:38 PM

EF Team Triage: Updating title to more accurately reflect the request. We agree this would be useful but taking into account where we are in the EF6 release our team is not planning to implement it in EF6. However, this does not exclude someone from outside the EF team contributing the change into the EF6 release.