This page provides a roadmap for Entity Framework. This is a planning document, not a specification of what is to come. We hope to implement most or all of the features listed here, but there are no guarantees. Plans can change. You can help change them! Please visit the Entity Framework UserVoice site to provide feedback on our plans so that we have a better picture of what you want to see in the next release.

EF Everywhere

We are currently looking at providing a lighter weight version of EF that can be used across a wide variety of platforms (including Windows Store and Windows Phone). You can read more about this effort in the EF Everywhere feature specification.

EF 6.1

We are currently working on this release. One of the focuses of this release it to fix the majority of High/Medium impact bugs that are on our backlog. We'll also be implementing a handful of new features. You can find feature specs for the new features on the Feature Specifications page.

EF 6

Entity Framework 6 is now released. You can see a list of features and related documentation on the Entity Framework Version History page. Feature specifications for EF6 are available on the Feature Specifications page.

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