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Entity Framework uses NuGet to help you easily incorporate in components for certain functions. You can incorporate more easily these dependencies into the solution using NuGet Package Restore feature and the public NuGet feed managed by OuterCurve Foundation. Within the project, we have implemented a config file that invokes NuGet’s Packager Restore feature; the package restore parameter for this config file is turned off by default. If you wish to incorporate these dependencies, you have two options:

  • If you want to obtain these NuGet packages, run following command in the root directory
    build /t:RestorePackages
  • If you want to enable permanent and automatic NuGet package restore, you can set the following environment variable set EnableNuGetPackageRestore=true

By running "build RestorePackages" or setting EnableNuGetPackageRestore to true, you will be initiating the download of other software from a NuGet-based feed that is owned by the Outercurve Foundation. You are responsible for locating, reading and complying with the license terms that accompany each such software. Each software that you obtain through this feed is licensed to you by its respective owner. Microsoft grants you no rights for non-Microsoft software from this feed.

List of NuGet Packages

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