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We want to have a central hub for EF content ( Currently the content is spread across sites, blogs etc.

Make it easier for folks to understand how Code/Model/Database First piece together and which one is right for them. (This isn’t just a documentation issue, we will help fix this in the tooling in EF6).

Landing Sites/Pages

Plans for sites/landing pages currently maintained by MSFT:


  • [Rowan] Home page will just have the three main links – other content will be removed from the page
    • Get It
    • Get Started
    • Get Help
  • [Rowan] Try and get rid of ‘ADO.NET’ from breadcrumb on landing page
  • [Rowan] Try and get breadcrumb to show for (if we can then use this as our main url)

Get It

[Rowan] Remove right hand bar so that the content only relates to installing EF

[Rowan] Update the content to reflect that most Dev11 folks have EF5 already

[Rowan] Talk about designer being in VS (Cover that Power Tools are on VSGallery and will merge into EF Designer when they are more baked)

Get Started

This is a big page, could split it up but probably better to add a table of contents

Need to make ‘Getting started with past versions’ pop more

Get Help

Remove right hand bar so that the content only relates to getting help

Add info about #efhelp twitter tag

Add pointer to

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