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Design Meeting Notes - July 5, 2012

Refactoring and unit tests

We have been doing quite a lot of refactoring in the core code recently. This is generally good, but is risky due to the lack of test coverage for the core. To mitigate this risk we should:

  • Provide a good description of the refactoring as part of the code review
    • The description should include some information on how the refactoring was tested
    • The description should be included in the commit comment so that it can be understood later
    • More generally, we need to make sure we provide good descriptions for all code reviews and that these descriptions get committed
    • This is essentially the same process we had in the old team
  • Make sure that any core code you touch is tested
    • If possible, write tests before refactoring
    • If the refactoring is to permit testing then make sure the code is well tested after the refactoring

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