EF 6.1.0

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Released: Feb 11, 2014
Updated: Apr 30, 2014 by RoMiller
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Release Notes

The final release of the EF 6.1.0 release is now available.

Visit http://msdn.com/data/ef to get started with this release.

See the Entity Framework Version History for a list of new features in this release.

For details on how to get the latest runtime and tooling, see the Get It page.

Reviews for this release

good idea good things
by wangfeng1988213 on Nov 10 at 6:01 AM
留言下载 支持一下
by yiyuyujie on Oct 31 at 4:31 AM
I hope to be able to download the code and for my project.
by mlfg2014 on Oct 31 at 2:23 AM
by cswz88 on Oct 30 at 3:51 PM
Very convenient
by luohaonet on Oct 20 at 8:48 AM
by tlxz2003cn on Oct 18 at 9:41 AM
by smallqiang on Oct 17 at 3:14 AM
I love it
by JerryPeng on Oct 17 at 2:53 AM
i want it ,for study
by zhangchune23 on Oct 15 at 2:25 PM
so good,i like it!
by liuzhiyun on Oct 15 at 4:13 AM
by Getlayer on Oct 10 at 8:07 AM
want it,now i need it to do something with mysql
by lzz0517 on Oct 9 at 3:44 AM
This will help those who are weak in database queries.
by praveenbeniwal on Sep 27 at 2:22 AM
very good good
by lz56415785 on Sep 23 at 11:15 AM
Very good next time i introduce un your team
by hjcepeda on Sep 12 at 4:13 PM
i will see the version!
by tiagolnogueira on Sep 9 at 12:56 PM
Finally the IndexAttribute is here!
by fejesjoco on Sep 3 at 9:46 AM
Probando el framework
by ADanielVL on Aug 28 at 6:52 PM
by zhangjiawen on Aug 27 at 5:01 PM
by a3623311 on Aug 20 at 4:33 AM
trying waiting to rate
by DelVillar on Aug 13 at 4:17 AM
good job!!!!!!!
by Shand on Aug 12 at 3:48 AM
good,thank you.
by bossliu2014 on Jun 30 at 1:06 PM
Very good !!!
by renatojunior2009 on Jun 29 at 7:12 PM
Chua hieu
by lengoctrung on Jun 29 at 11:43 AM
I will try it ,if it was error ,I will ...
by zhanlang on Jun 25 at 7:59 AM
下载下来 学习。。学习
by yichao0803 on Jun 10 at 4:01 PM
by chuguang86 on Jun 5 at 7:00 AM
very good very good
by ezathob on Jun 2 at 7:13 PM
Framework for understanding
by pandean on May 29 at 7:16 AM
yes,i very like ef
by haiya123456 on May 21 at 4:53 AM
by kszhaofeng on May 19 at 9:06 AM
Thinks very mach
by lihaodyx on May 19 at 8:56 AM
easy async operation. nice job!
by nuriYilmaz on May 14 at 11:17 AM
thank for this
by onursarikaya on May 9 at 12:33 PM
vamos ver como está o entity framework 6.1.0
by netions on May 7 at 3:54 PM
I have not use so I can not give it any case now!
by geyanzhongsky on Apr 30 at 4:58 PM
Where is the download link
by liuhf on Apr 24 at 7:04 AM
by ALex7xx on Apr 18 at 7:22 AM
by YuzheWong on Apr 1 at 11:53 AM
Visit http://msdn.com/data/ef/ to get started with other release.
by macroscheme on Apr 1 at 8:13 AM
güzel bir çalışma
by memedbil on Mar 30 at 3:09 PM
by ybz on Mar 28 at 3:09 AM
testing my files
by startan on Mar 27 at 2:25 PM
test learn
by liyuwenlyc on Mar 27 at 8:45 AM
faster than 5.0?
by hicham_bou on Mar 21 at 5:05 PM
Indexes annotation are very welcome!
by diegopego on Mar 19 at 11:17 PM
i want know where is the download button ?!
by piep on Mar 18 at 4:15 PM
faster than 5.0?
by xylinger on Mar 18 at 12:39 PM
by hushanrui on Mar 10 at 4:10 PM
by shiyuankao on Mar 10 at 5:16 AM
very good...
by yoli799480165 on Mar 7 at 7:58 AM
good .........
by girlbaxia on Mar 6 at 7:14 AM
good tool,i love it.thks @
by zimo1988 on Mar 5 at 11:50 AM
i am student
by afawlp on Mar 4 at 11:09 PM
by 324 on Mar 2 at 10:39 AM
very good !
by dingx on Mar 1 at 2:05 AM
very good!!!!!
by qianyaozu on Feb 27 at 1:42 AM
good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by idlemarket2008 on Feb 25 at 2:27 AM
非常棒! Very good!
by caizhiyuan on Feb 21 at 9:58 AM
very good !!!
by zhongdian on Feb 21 at 3:05 AM
I tried to use it with adventureworks lite database to retrieve customers. It takes 6 seconds the first time to return the result, next time it is less than a second. So startup performance was not fixed and it is still unusable.
by BBGONE on May 27 at 12:20 PM
download and learn it
by wujianfeng on Jul 20 at 9:46 AM
fsfsfsfsfsfsfs fsfsfsfsdf
by thienthanit1990 on Jul 19 at 12:54 PM
Still cannot open edmx Specified cast is not valid. I even tried the beta same result. Works fine in VS2012?????
by wwlgray on May 27 at 9:39 PM
Debugging is completely broken - variables in scope are not recognized and cannot be inspected in any way. Completely useless release! Release 6.1.1 with the fix!!
by mertner on May 8 at 12:23 PM
by enson100 on Mar 26 at 8:12 AM
by oujiachao on Mar 20 at 8:55 AM