Please combine Model First and Code First to be Interchangeable with all Features in both!

Topics: EF Designer
May 27, 2014 at 4:04 PM
At his point in the EF development, it is disappointing that data attributes/annotations are still not supported in Model First. Using the MetaDataType attribute doesn't really cut it. Model First is must easier to use than CodeFirst esp. for us visual types, and it has features not in Code First such as support for Views. Code First seems to have been getting the most attention to the detriment of Model First which is the better tool esp. for existing databases models that were seeded by a database. Best actually would be to combine the two approaches to be interchangeable. Allow changing the model to update the class as well as changing the class to update the model. Make sure that all features can be used via Model First even if some have to be done via partials but that should be minimal and should not be needed for the missing attributes. Modifying the T4 every new release is not an option either since that is Ok for adding StringLength, but not for validation.